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  • Avocado and Tuna fish with Parsley Salad
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Creating a healthy energized lifestyle with a personal smart diet & exercise plan.


This is my own personal diet and exercise journal and plan to stay healthy and lose weight.

Diet Plan

AppleSeveral diet plans and food charts are used to find the right or best foods that work for increasing health, harmony and longevity. The food charts rank the food according to several diet plans like Ayurveda, Blood Type, Paleo or Caveman and Acid - Alkaline.

Exercise Plan

Yoga exercise for fitnessBeing over 50, over weight and terribly out of shape I'm taking my exercise plan slow but deliberate. I have seen a doctor and if you plan on changing your life style, see your doctor and start it slow.

Diet & Exercise = Fitness

Diet is listed first because it will provide the foundation to your health. Our body needs to move, sitting in front of a computer all day wrecks havoc on muscles and sooner or later joints and bones. But there is a smart way to apply a healthy diet and moderate and fun exercise to create a strong healthy lifestyle.